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2014 - GENOA - ITALY - #bamboo road to Genoa

January 23, 2014 OAM Architecture presented the #Bamboo Project for the competition on the highway of Genoa .

The project proposes a new coexistence between citizens , between citizens and elevated , and elevated and Territory , BETWEEN thet historical city and port area . A civil society with an infrastructure impacting that become a green park for the city.

The design concept provides for a public space for all the new " identity ": green area , where you can meet up , lie down , play , study, work , dance, relax, contemplate the visual of the seascape , inform, educate children , cooking , cultivate and self- build.
Through self-construction involving is the single city- user giving way to improve in the first operation and the quality of the urban space of the highway

Along the infrastructure you will have a true metamorphosis : it will be re-naturalized through a bamboo plantation and ornamental climbing plants such as wisteria and jasmine with their rapid development is easily expand wrapping it and transforming it into a productive green park . The benefits will be in addition to the visual and olfactory comfort, summer cooling.

Diego Stefani, Chiara Fiore, Laura Galbusera
Palazzo Mercanti - square Banchi - Genoa - Italy