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What's idea?

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OAM ARCHITECTURE ( organisms architecturally modified ) is an idea, a “living creature” that has a genetic modified using new architectural techniques, which allow the addition, deletion or modification of gene elements, ie the hereditary unit that directs the development and behaviors of “being” in question.

To be alive means all forms of contemporary living. Moving away the concept of limits ( physically and figuratively) OAM ARCHITECTURE investigates the changes that living in the countryside and suffer in relation to changes in lifestyle and the use that is made of them.

Rethinking relates between the individual and society, between the house and the city, between the public and private sectors, engage in “living creature” a new element gene, allowing the development and modification of being itself.

The design will be not only aesthetic quality, but it will need to provide sustainable solutions to environmental issues. The result is a solution that is economically, ecologically and socio-cultural development.
All projects are the result of a practical understanding of the issues in which research and design blend together.

The goal is to give unconventional solutions to everyday questions, grow the amount of available research in order to expand the range of possible solutions.

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