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What's the meaning?

OAM ARCHITECTURE is an idea, which investigates the transformations of housing and landscape. Founded by architects Diego Stefani and Chiara Fiore. OAM ARCHITECTURE has headquarters in Milan since 2009 and is responsible for the research and study of innovative elements regarding the ways of living space and the design.

OAM ARCHITECTURE is focused on the development and construction of architecture, urbanism and products in the following areas: housing, public spaces, infrastructure, industrial, urban structures, temporary architecture, exhibitions, art and urban planning.
Our goal is to challenge our clients in a shared adventure, the goal is to find innovative solutions in a common process in which the client is seen as a partner in the project.

In every project OAM ARCHITECTURE primarily invests in research to expand their knowledge. We believe this is necessary to expand the amount of possible solutions.

We are expert in:

Municipal practices

Drafting of Business Startup Reports (ex D.I.A.) and Building Permits S.C.I.A.

Architectural design and / or construction supervision for new or existing civil, rural and productive constructions

Aesthetic and structural recovery of condominium buildings Renovations, restorations, renovations and extensions of masonry or reinforced concrete buildings

Construction Site Safety Design and Coordination pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 and SMI

ASL practices

Design of electrical and sanitary systems

Green design

Cadastral practices for new buildings or variations

Preparation of estimates and appraisals

Energy certifications

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